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From a Pilates perspective, the goal of R|FRM classes is to strengthen your foundational musculature  to improve and redefine overall movement patterns.  Daily life and stresses can lead to muscle imbalance, weakness, poor posture, junky breathing patterns, R|FRM classes focus on core activation and stability, breathing, balance and muscle control so that your body moves smarter and stronger in and out of class. All sessions guide students through a high energy, progressive and form focused format incorporating activation, functional and dynamic exercises adaptable for all athletic abilities. R|FRM founder and lead instructor, Bailey Croke, is trained in Lagree Fitness, Peak Pilates Comprehensive Level 1, Prenatal Pilates, Postnatal Pilates, NASM Personal Training and Corrective Exercise.
Join live classes for personalized corrections and modifications from the comfort of your home with R|FRM classes via Zoom!

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Developing a passion for ballet as a kid, movement has always been a fundamental part of my life. I'm kind of programmed to crave the concentration and discipline that comes along with movement and became fascinated with how everything is connected. Wanting to dive deeper into my curiosities of kinesthetics, I completed a comprehensive training with Peak Pilates in mat, reformer, chair and tower and began teaching in 2015. True to form, I've continued to build my education on the anatomy of movement and received certifications from Lagree Fitness, Pilates Method Alliance Prenatal Pilates, NASM personal training with a specialty in corrective exercise. A teacher now but I'll always remain a student.

It is a combination of my training and education that makes up what you get in a R|FRM at-home workout. R|FRM classes challenge students to discover more about their movement patterns through activation, stabilization, balance and strength exercises. The goal of this format is to improve the mind body connection and see an overall refinement of functional strength and awareness. Every exercise has a specific direction and purpose, it’s that precision that requires total concentration on you, your body, mind and spirit which affects more than the 45 minutes we spend in class. One thing I love to hear from students is how they feel the difference in their body in everyday life.

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"I've worked with Bailey on the reformer and now in this interesting time, 3X a week with her live pilates mat classes.  When I first started pilates, my goal was to work on balance and heal some running injuries.  But what I've discovered through her knowledge and thoughtful instruction of pilates, that not only have I gained better balance, core and overall strength, I've become a more efficient and stronger runner which is one of my passions."


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