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Access live classes via Zoom and enjoy the benefits of group fitness from the comfort of your own home!  To maintain personalized instruction, modifications and corrections, classes are limited to small groups.

Live class Tuesday at 4:30pm EST

Included in the R|FRM Monthly Membership+ Subscription 

Non-members $10 per class

Livestream Schedule: Schedule


R|FRM's signature class that aims to simulate the reformer on your mat!  We typically use a resistance band and slider for this class.  Expect slow movement and muscle fatigue accented with some shaking and some sweating!


An interval formatted workout, we go from cardio bursts and plyometrics to slow controlled core and isolated strength exercises. Not for the faint of heart but plenty of modifications and options given.  You can do anything for 30 seconds right?


With a more classical pilates focus, we take the time to break down some of the most fundamental movement patterns so that you have time to understand and master them for the more dynamic movements used in other formats.

Livestream Schedule: Testimonials

"I’ve been a runner for years and, for a while, was hesitant to give any other exercise a fair shot. Enter Bailey’s pilates and reformer classes and now I can’t go a week without at least 2 of her classes. I feel stronger and just generally healthier. Not to mention, it’s the perfect compliment to running. It’s safe to say I’m a lifetime RFRM’er!"


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