The Lagree Megaformer, think the traditional Pilates Reformer but take it up a few notches. Springs provide resistance, the moving carriage challenges your core and balance, the platforms, cables and straps provide for quick seamless transitions between exercises so your body and muscles stay under tension for the full 50 minute session. Whether you are pressing, pulling or stabilizing against the resistance, the Megaformer has endless opportunities for exercises to keep your body guessing.



High Intensity, low impact, full body burn unlike any other workout.

A R|FRM Megaformer session is the most challenging workout that you will hate to love. Combining the intensity of cardiovascular training with the form focus of functional training and the  precision of Pilates, it delivers the most effective, efficient and complete 50 minute workout!  R|FRM offers 1 on 1 private training in a safe and sanitized in-home environment where you will receive personalized attention, corrections and modifications while your muscles shake, sweat drips and you get stronger every second.

New Student special only $30!


Private MegaFormer Session Packages

  • New Student Special

    Try something new without commitment (but you'll get hooked)
    • 10 Session Package

      Get the most bang for your buck and butt :)
      • Holiday 5 Pack

        Valid for 6 months
        • 5 Private Reformer Sessions
      • Holiday 3 Pack

        Valid for 6 months
        • 3 Private Reformer Sessions


      “I took my first pilates and reformer classes from Bailey a few years ago and I was intrigued by pilates the moment I started.  Learning the principles and which muscles to engage when helped me in my yoga practice tremendously and influenced healthy and safe movement in my other workouts.  Physically, the changes I've been since starting R|FRM from home have been great; however, the confidence that comes with feeling and knowing your strength is simply the best.”